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Seated in rajalilasana, leaning on his left hand, the left shoulder flanked by the stem of a lotus supporting the vajra, the right hand in vitarkamudra before his chest. The face with a serene expression, downcast eyes centered by the third eye, flanked by pendulous earlobes suspending circular earrings. Finely inlaid with glass, garnet, and possibly semi-precious stones. The base neatly sealed with a copper repoussé plaque. Remarkably solid and heavy cast.

Provenance: A noted Hungarian private collection.
Condition: Good condition with some old wear and minor casting flaws, small losses, slight bending of few exposed areas, minuscule nicks and dents, remnants of pigment. Some inlays possibly renewed.

Weight: 583.7 g
Dimensions: Height 13.1 cm

Indra, the Lord of the Gods, plays a central role in the legends, life, and art of Nepal. This elegantly and intricately modeled bronze is characteristic of the Nepali representation of Indra, seated in the graceful pose of 'Royal Ease' with the thunderbolt, his principal attribute, supported by a lotus flower, bearing a crescent-shaped crown, and with the horizontal 'third eye' incised on the forehead. This relaxed posture is similarly reflected in Chinese Song sculptures of Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara). Developed locally, depictions of Indra in rajalilasana have become one of the most recognizable images in Nepalese art history.

Literature comparison: Compare the posture, hand gestures, jewelry and flower design with a fifteenth-century Nepalese gilt copper Indra formerly in the Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection and now in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, see Pratapaditya Pal, Art of Nepal, Los Angeles, 1985, page 119, cat. S42, illustrated page 50.

Auction result comparison:
Type: Closely related
Auction: Sotheby’s New York, 22 September 2020, lot 321
Price: USD 52,920 or approx. EUR 61,000 converted and adjusted for inflation at the time of writing
Description: A gilt copper figure of Indra, Nepal, 15th century
Expert remark: Compare the closely related pose, fine incision work, inlays, and size of 13.5 cm. Note that this statue is possibly a bit earlier than the present lot.



重量:583.7 克
尺寸:高13.1 厘米

文獻比較:比較一件十五世紀尼泊爾鎏金銅因陀羅,有相似的姿勢、手勢、首飾和珠寶花飾,先前收藏於 Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection ,現藏於洛杉磯郡藝術博物館,見Pratapaditya Pal,《Art of Nepal》,洛杉磯,1985年,頁119,圖錄S42,插圖見50。

拍賣:紐約蘇富比,2020年9月22日,lot 321
價格:USD 52,920(相當於今日EUR 61,000
專家評論:比較非常相近的姿勢、精緻雕刻、鑲嵌和尺寸(13.5 厘米)。請注意此像年代較現拍品早。