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LOT 248 - NE0421

By Yukimasa, signed Yukimasa 幸正
Japan, 20th century

In the shape of a hamaguri clam, carved in the front in shisiaibori (sunken relief) with inked details depicting an ama (diving girl), bare-chested, pushing away an amorous octopus with its tentacles wriggling underneath her skirt. Her expression is quite ambiguous, although she is grabbing the octopus by its mouth and fighting off his approach, she seems to be enticed by its presence. Good himotoshi through the reverse and signed YUKIMASA. The ivory is lightly stained and finely polished.

LENGTH 4.8 cm

Condition: Very good condition, fine age cracks.
Provenance: German private collection, acquired in Japan c. 1980.

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