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Katalognummer: CA1218-047
The elegant and almost flawless celadon glaze evenly applied to the cup, clusters of tiny air bubbles within
China, late Yuan to early Ming Dynasty (14th-15th century)

The sturdily potted cup with well-rounded sides and slightly everted and lobed rim, supported on a partly hollowed, spreading stem imitating a section of bamboo, covered overall with an unctuous green glaze except the foot rim. The outside wall incised with a stylized lappet border, the inner rim neatly carved with wavy border and an elegantly curved tendril pattern beneath.

Shape: Stem cup
Weight: 329 grams
Dimensions: Height 10.3 cm.
Condition: Superb condition with only minor wear, as expected on a piece of this age
Provenance: Canadian private collection.

Literature comparison: For similar examples of Longquan celadon stem cups, see J. Harrison-Hall, Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, 2001, p.463, pls.16:2 and 16:3; see also J. Ayers, The Chinese Porcelain Collection of Marie Vergottis, p.30, pl.9. The stem cup appeared during the Yuan period: see Zhu Boqian, Longquan Yao Qing Ci (Celadons from Longquan), Taipei, 1998, nos. 198-201, pp. 217-220. However, the motives incised into this cup are more typical of larger Longquan celadon dishes ascribed to the 15th century by Regina Krahl in Chinese Ceramics in the Topkapi Saray Museum, Istanbul, 1986, vol. I, cat. nos. 305 and ff., p. 317.
Auction result comparison: PLAYTHINGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF EDWARD T. CHOW, CHINESE CERAMICS AND WORKS OF ART, COLLECTIONS, CHINESE ART THROUGH THE EYE OF SAKAMOTO GORŌ - ASIAN LACQUER. Sotheby's, 27 MAY 2014, HONG KONG, lot 621. (for are related Longquan celadon cup) CHINESE WORKS OF ART. Bonham's, 14 March 2016, NEW YORK, lot 8083. (for another related Longquan stem cup)

中國, 元代晚期至明代早期 (十四至十五世紀)

重量: 329 克
尺寸:高 10.3 厘米.
來源: 加拿大私人收藏