© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Katalognummer: AB0319-1133
Indian Miniature Painting, colours and gold onpaper
India, around 1800

An especially rare and relatively large page for a miniature painting, acquired from the family of Maharaja (royals) from Sailana (Southern Rajasthan). All six different pictures hold a black text written in Devangari. Each picture depicts a white building with woman sitting in front and several more standing in front of her. The pictures show varying groups of them, from two to five in total, all dressed in a similar luxurious fashion and wearing plenty jewellery. The ground is covered throughout by a carpet and embelished with decorative patterns. In one of the pictures, a tiger is painted behind the sitting dame. A Devangari script as well as a note in Englisch on the back.

Dimensions: 43 x 30.5 CM
Condition: Good condition, left down corner of the frame is missing
Provenance: From an Italian private collection, prior to that in an Indian collection of a Maharaja