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Katalognummer: JAK0917-042
Han dynasty, 3rd - 2nd century BC 穀紋玉璧 - 漢代, 公元前3世紀-前2世紀
Diameter 15.4 cm 直徑 15.4 厘米

Both sides of this disc are entirely covered with an orderly arrangement of scrolls carved in low relief framed by two very thin, smooth bands that run along the external and internal borders.

The original color and quality of the jade are almost imperceptible due to the heavy alteration which has almost totally covered the disc with a patina of chalky white. In the areas that are unaffected by the calcification, the jade appears to have a light green-yellow tone with some residual translucency. There is one small chip that is visible on the perimeter of the disc and some patches of red colour scattered on the surfaces.

Literature comparison/Archaeological sites: For similar discs and rings decorated with raised spirals displaying different degrees of alteration of the jade, see the Sotheby’s sale of Chinese art held in Hong Kong on 1 June 2017, sale HK0732, lots 316, 338, 342.

Nachverkauf:  verkauft/sold
Prof. Dr. Filippo Salviati
From a Luxembourg collection 盧森堡舊藏

All jades in this catalogue have been professionally examined, authenticated and described by Prof. Fillipo Salviati. Professor Salviati teaches Chinese and Korean art at Sapienza University in Rome, in the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies. He is a world expert on archaic Chinese jades, having released multiple publications and being cited by renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s.