© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Katalognummer: OS0718-120
Wood with gilding
China, Qing-dynasty (1644-1911)

Tiered throne with floral decoration, golden robe with fine plaster decoration, in which multiple fenghuan (phoenixes) are depicted, even inside the epaulets. The face is reddish and astonishingly unique and serious in its features. Finely painted facial details; the once-present beard hairs are no longer present. Black cap with a butterfly (once a sign for a 70-year-old man) painted on top. In one hand he holds a bowl, while, in the other, he once held a now-lost dignitaries’ scepter.

Dimensions: HEIGHT 26 CM
Condition: Uniformly well preserved, appropriate for its age.
Provenance: Viennese private collection

Verkaufspreis:  € 1.040