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Katalognummer: CA1218-023
Wang Su (artist name Xiaomou) – well known Chinese artist of the Qing Dynasty Ink and color on paper, mounted to a textured paper scroll with wooden handles
China, 19th century

This original artwork by Wang Su (1794 – 1877) and is signed and sealed by the artist. On the backside of the scroll is the titling ‘Image of the eighteen Luohan’ as well as a small seal from the art inspector Yue from Canton.

Depicted is the famous scenery of the eighteen luohan in traditional Chinese fashion incorporating all of their attributes with much attention for detail. The luohan are surrounded by a magnificent landscape with mountains, waterfalls and pine trees and in the upper left corner is a ferocious dragon which is tamed by Nantimolo, the ‘taming dragon luohan’.

Shape: Rectangular vertical shape
Dimensions: 167 x 70 cm (painting size), 242 x 84 cm (mounting)
Condition: The painting is in good condition with some former tears and material loss now hardly discernible due to the mounting. Slight traces of age and wear, in the form of creases and moldy spots, are discernible
Provenance: American private collection

Auction result comparison: Sotheby’s, FINE CLASSICAL CHINESE PAINTINGS & CALLIGRAPHY, 14 SEPTEMBER 2017, NEW YORK, lot 573. (for a set of six scrolls with immortals in landscape by Wang Su)

中國, 十九世紀

尺寸:167 x 70 厘米 (畫面),242 x 84 厘米(裝裱)
來源: 美國私人收藏

Nachverkauf:  verkauft/sold