© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Katalognummer: OS1218-031
Farbige Malerei auf Holz
19th to early 20th cent.
DIMENSIONS 尺寸30,9 x 31,8 CM

Very intricately designed, powerfully colorful, lively composition! On a green field are a tiger and a tigress, both hissing, their cub between them and admiring its par-ents strength. Trees, blossoms, mountains and a waterfall with lake. In front of the clouds are two peculiarly executed garuda - like horned steers with magic pearls on their heads, red, flamming manes and dangerous snakes in their mouths. The garu-da is considered the "sun eagle" and is the symbolic animal of the god Vishnu. Half bird and half human, he is a destroyer of snakes. The painting is in good condition and was once used as filling for a door.

Verkaufspreis:  SOLD / VERKAUFT
Wolfmar Zacken

From an Austrian collection. According to information provided, the piece was ac-quired at an exhibition Vienna's Kursalon in 1992. 來自一個奧地利收藏,據介紹之前是于1992年在維也納一個沙龍展覽裏購得