© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Katalognummer: AB0319-0993
Blue and white porcelain
China, Qing dynasty (1644-1912), 19th century

A very rare warming bowl executed with a double-wall as well as both spout and sprue, both of which serve as handles and are positioned flush with the edge. The painting is finely executed and features four compositions in the well, each consisting of large peonies or chrysanthemum blossoms combined with objects from the babao, the "Eight Treasures". One handle (sprue) features an openwork coin, also part of the babao. The lip is decorated with a richly detailed border as well as blossoms on the sides.

Dimensions: DIAMETER 27.3 CM
Condition: Undamaged, minor expected firing faults
Provenance: Swedish private collection

Nachverkauf:  sold/verkauft