© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Katalognummer: AB0319-0065
Painting with colors on paper, framed
Tibet, 19th to early 20th century

Called Lhamo in Tibetan, there is nothing visibly feminine about this goddess, as terrifying as her appearance is. She is dark blue, three eyed and standing on a wild donkey trotting over a corpse. Sri Devi corresponds to Hinduism's Kali, the blood-thirsty wife of the high god Shiva. In Buddhism, she is the protector of the doctrine, the city Lhasa and even the Dalai Lama. The painting is meticulously exact and de-tailed, the wildly blazing fire powerful.

Dimensions: SIZE incl. FRAME 12.5 X 10.5 CM
Condition: Good condition
Provenance: Austrian private collection

Verkaufspreis:  € 195