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Katalognummer: CHAM1119-025
Central Cham kingdom, probably of Vijaya, classical period, 10th – 12th century. The center of this superb Cham pectoral is dominated by a dancing Hindu goddess, most probably Uma, the consort of Shiva, the deity’s arms touching her waist. She is surrounded by 20 decorative inlaid gemstones (amethyst and zircon), 15 densely set below her feet and next to her legs and 5 more loosely set over her head and shoulders.

Provenance: From the collection of Dr. Istvan Zelnik, Hungary. Dr. Zelnik has built one of the most fascinating and vast collections of South East Asian artworks during the past 4 decades. His collection is considered one of the three most important published collections in the world and he is the director of the Hungarian South and Southeast Asian Research Institute. An official attest by the Hungarian South and Southeast Asian Research Institute signed by Dr. Zelnik can be provided to the high bidder upon request after payment for the object has been made in full.

A private owner, acquired from the above several years ago.

Condition: Overall in very good condition with extensive patina around the gemstones as well as soil encrustations.

Weight: 31.4 g
Dimensions: Height 10.6 cm, Width 7.7 cm
Metallurgic analysis: Fine gold content 678/1000

Published: Gold Treasures of the Cham Kingdoms from the Collection of Dr. Zelnik Volume 1, no. 93 (page 118), Budapest 2007.

Metallurgic Analysis
The data from the metallurgic analysis posted in the catalogue entry for each lot in this auction relates to the proportion of fine gold contained in the gold alloy only. It does not relate to the gross weight of the lot, as the gross weight typically consists of the weight of the gold alloy and the weight of other materials added to the lot such as gemstones, soil encrustations, casting cores or other metals processed within the lot.