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Katalognummer: JAP1119-044
By Shinkai, signed Shinkai
Japan, c. 17th century, Edo period (1615-1868)

The blade:
Hira-zukuri with iori mune, the hamon shows irregular wave. Notare-midare. The tang is ubu with one mekugi-ana, the tip is kurijiri, the clearly written and large signature reads SHINKAI.

The mounting:
The iron tsuba of mokkogata form has one hitsu open on the side and much patina. The smooth fuchi and the kojiri with shakudo and some gilt on the edge. The menuki are on the surface of the wrapping and show well-crafted, partly gilt dragons. The black-lacquered saya with slanted stokes shows a tiger in the pose of a dragon on the kozuka handle on lightly gilt nanakoji.

NAGASA 27.1 cm, total LENGTH 49.8 cm

Condition: The blade in good condition with few blemishes and surface wear. The saya shows crackling and wear to lacquer.
Provenance: From a Hungarian private collection.

Schätzpreis 估價:  € 1.500
Startpreis 起拍價:  € 750