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Katalognummer: AK0220-378
Japan, 19th century

A group of five prints framed in a passepartout; two by Hiroshige I or Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) from the famous series ‘One hundred famous views of Edo’ consisting of:
1 - Pine tree on the Hakka coast, 1856; Publisher: Vo- Ei;
2 - The Robe-hanging Pine at Senzoku Pond, reprint from the Meiji period.
Two prints by Utagawa Hiroshige II (1829- 1869) consisting of:
1- Ferries in Yoroi from the series ‘Views of famous places in Edo’; Stamp: Aratame 5 month 1863; Publisher: Fujiokaya Keijiro; Plate cutter: Horicho,
2- Procession in the Kanbara Station, Tokaido, Fuji on the background, 1863.
The last print by Hiroshige III (1842-1894) ) from the series ‘Famous views from the new Tokio’, here a Chrysanthemum exhibition, 1881.

DIMENSIONS approx. 25 x 36 cm

Condition: Very good condition; fresh colors, very few stains along the borders.
Provenance: German Private collection. Four prints formerly sold in Van ham and Lempertz Auctions.