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Katalognummer: CA0420-005
China, 618-907. The mirror is cast in the center with a crouching beast-form loop surrounded by six smaller ‘lions’ amid fruiting grapevines, and in the outer field with birds in flight amidst further grapevine below a narrow border of florets.

Provenance: Douglas J. K. Wright Ltd., London (label to back). Since 1945, Douglas J.K. Wright has been a renowned and well-respected auction specialist and London dealer in Chinese and Japanese works of art. He ran the Japanese department of Spink & Son before opening his own art gallery, Douglas J.K. Wright Oriental Art. Anthony du Boulay (label to back), acquired from the above. Anthony du Boulay served at Christie’s from 1949 to 1980, for many years as the Director of the Ceramics Department and for 13 years as the President of Christie’s, Geneva. From 1981, he served as Honorary Adviser on Ceramics to the National Trust, United Kingdom, on council of the Oriental Ceramic Society and as the Chairman of the French Porcelain Society.
Condition: Good condition with minor wear, some small losses, a minor crack to the rim, and a fine dark patina with areas of copper red and malachite green.

Weight: 1,124 g
Dimensions: Diameter 13.4 cm

Literature comparison: Compare with a similar mirror in the Avery Brundage Collection at the Asian Art Museum San Francisco (no. B60B600); see Also Hoyt, C., The Charles B. Hoyt Collection Memorial Exhibition, 1952, nos. 493 & 494.

Auction result comparison: Compare with a closely related mirror sold by Christie’s New York in Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on 19-20 September 2013, lot 1481, for USD $12,500.


來源:倫敦Douglas J. K. Wright Ltd. (背面標簽)。自1945年Douglas J.K. Wright已成爲倫敦中國日本工藝品方面最右面的拍賣專家。 在他建立自己的藝廊之前,他領導著Spink & Son 拍賣行日本藝術部。Anthony du Boulay (背面標簽),購於上述藝廊。Anthony du Boulay 于1949-1980年間為佳士得工作,曾多年為陶瓷部主任,后又曾任13年日内瓦佳士得主席。1981年起他曾任英國陶瓷信托名譽顧問、東方陶瓷協會理事以及法國陶瓷協會主席。

重量:1,124 克
尺寸:直徑 13.4 厘米

拍賣結果比較:一件相似銅鏡2013年9月19至20日于紐約佳士得《中國陶瓷與工藝品》拍號1481,成交價USD $12,500。

Nachverkauf:  Sold/Verkauft