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Katalognummer: CA0420-012
China, 206 BC-220 AD. The compressed globular body surmounted by a waisted neck with a raised band at the center and a garlic-head top, all supported on a short foot. The recessed base with an engraved inscription, deeply encrusted and therefore only partially visible.

Provenance: German private collection.
Condition: Original condition, very impressive considering the age of this vase! Extensive wear, small losses, areas of erosion and weathering, and a fine malachite green patina with some encrustations.

Weight: 3,250 g
Dimensions: Height 40.5 cm

Literature comparison: Compare two bronze vessels of related form, illustrated by J. So in Eastern Zhou Ritual Bronzes from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, New York and Washington D.C, 1995, pp. 288-89, nos. 52 and 52.2. Another example is in the National Palace Museum Taiwan, illustrated in Shang and Chou Dynasty Bronze Wine Vessels, Taipei, 1978, pp. 212-213, and p. 267.

Auction result comparison: Compare with a closely related, slightly smaller vase sold by Bonham’s San Francisco in Fine Chinese Works of Art on 16 December 2014, lot 8016, for USD $5,625.

中國,公元前206 -公元220。蒜頭圓口、長頸、鼓腹、圈足。頸中央略下有一弦紋。外底有突起。凹入的底座上刻有文字。

品相:考慮到這個花瓶的年齡,其原始狀況令人印象非常深刻! 廣泛磨損,小缺失,侵蝕和風化的區域,以及孔雀石綠色銅綠,並帶有一些結殼。

重量:3,250 克
尺寸:高40.5 厘米

拍賣結果比較:一件相似但小些的蒜頭瓶2014年12月16日于舊金山邦翰思《中國藝術品》拍號8016,成交價USD $5,625。

Schätzpreis 估價:  € 800
Startpreis 起拍價:  € 400