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Katalognummer: CA0420-042
China, 907-1125. The thinly beaten copper sheet subtly modeled to the contours of a man’s face, chased with a mouth, nose and rounded cheeks, with incised lines highlighting the closed and sunken eyes, elegantly swung brows and raised mouth, the large ears embossed neatly and protruding from each side of the face, two small holes at the nose and tiny attachment holes all around the edges, the outer surface gilded and with malachite-green encrustations overall.

Provenance: From a private collection in London, United Kingdom. By repute purchased in London 29th August, 2003.
Condition: Fine condition with some losses mostly around the edges, wear and traces of use, patina and encrustations, minor warping, the backside covered overall in a dense malachite-green patina.
Scientific Report: Oxford Authentication Bronze Analysis Report, Sample No: R2073, from 12 October 2002, and respective conclusion by Dr. Peter Northover, states: “Both composition and microstructure, including corrosion, are consistent with a Liao date.”

Weight: 286.7 g
Dimensions: Height 23.4 cm

Funerary masks are associated with the burial culture of the Qidan Liao and many examples made of bronze, silver sheet or gilt bronze such as the present example have been found in tombs of the Liao elite in Inner Mongolia. Two impressive gold funerary masks were discovered in the royal tomb of the Prince and Princess of Chen, dated 1018. Similarly made of thin hammered gold sheet, they are supposed to realistically portray some their owners’ facial features.

With a modern plexiglass support. (2)

Literature comparison: ‘The Liao Dynasty tomb of a Prince and Princess of the Chen Kingdom’, Zhu Qixinin, Orientations, October 1991, fig. 11. For another example made in gilt bronze sheet and excavated from a Liao tomb at Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, see ‘The Silk Road in Inner Mongolia’, Hong Kong, 2007, cat. no. 18. Also see similar examples in the Musée Guimet, Paris, reference no. MA2352, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2012-53-1.

Auction result comparison: Compare with a closely related burial mask at Sotheby’s London in Masterpieces of Chinese Precious Metalwork, Early Gold and Silver, 14 May 2008, lot 92, sold for GBP £26,900.



重量:286.7 克
尺寸:高23.4 厘米

拍賣結果比較:一件相似的面具于倫敦蘇富比《Masterpieces of Chinese Precious Metalwork, Early Gold and Silver》,2008年5月14日,拍號 92,成交價GBP £26.900。

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