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Catalog Number: CA0519-021
China, 1723-1735. The deep rounded sides rising from a short foot, covered overall with a rich jilan sacrificial blue glaze thinning to white at rim and foot, the base with the mark in underglaze blue.

Provenance: French private collection. Old label with inscription "7 2 /59" possibly referring to the original acquisition date. A second label bears the inscription "Lille, France". A third paper label bears an illegible inventory number.
Condition: Superb condition. Some glaze scratches especially to the inside of the bowl. Very minor firing imperfections.

Weight: 303 grams.
Dimensions: Diameter 16.2 cm.

Among the imperial altars at which the emperors personally made sacrifices was the Tiantan (Altar of Heaven), which would have blue vessels - hence jilan or 'sacrificial blue' glaze.

中國,1723-1735。 圓腹,深碗,短足,施濃重霽藍釉,碗沿及足底留白,碗底青花六字款。

來源:法國私人收藏,老標簽 "7 2 /59",可能是原先的購買日期標注。第二個標簽 "Lille, France",第三個標簽上有難以辨認的藏品編號。
品相: 保存極好。釉面有一些刮痕,特別是在碗内。機輕微的燒製缺陷。
重量:303 克
尺寸: 直徑16.2 厘米

Estimated Price 估價:  € 1.500
Starting Price 起始價:  € 700