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The ZACKE GALLERY has been in existence since 1968, now almost five decades. These nearly 50 YEARS have been filled with countless exhibitions, thousands of pieces of art from the most diverse cultural spheres have been exhibited and put on sale and a staggering number of catalogs published! Some of these catalogs are already sought after, because of the very rare fields which we have worked in, such as, for example, Japanese samurai swords with their sophisticated smithing or the world’s very first color prints as well as archaic Chinese jades. The Zacke Gallery Vienna is simply the gallery for Asian art and the largest of its kind in Austria.
50 years ago, as mentioned, the Zacke Gallery was initially run under the name ART CABINET as a modern gallery. The first exhibition with an Asian field of art took place only half a year after our opening – the excitingly diverse world of Japanese woodblock prints, the UKIYO-E. All the pages came from a Swiss collection of the highest quality! In Switzerland, the Zacke Gallery showed works from the, at the time in Vienna very well-known, school of Fantastic Realism for the first time, including those of Fuchs, Brauer, Hausner, Lehmden, and Hutter, to name a few of the artists. The gallery became a meeting point for many artists, whose works we continue to exhibit from time to time, including, for example, Hundertwasser, Kokoschka, Arnulf Rainer and others. In addition, the exhibition of works from the most important deceased Austrian artists, who had been discovered and presented by ZACKE for the first time, also became more importance: Laske, Zülow, Kolo Moser, Jungnickel, Kubin or Max Oppenheimer. We once had Oppenheimer’s painting “Vienna Philharmonic, directed by Gustav Mahler” – it was so gigantic that it could not be exhibited! Our penchant for ASIAN ART, with its overwhelming wealth of fields and stylistic directions, quickly expanded. Step by step, the Zacke Gallery brought subfields of ancient art from Asia and presented numerous exhibitions ranging from India across south east Asia – in particular from Cambodia, Thailand and Burma – to China and Japan. While our primary points of focus were and still are, of course, China and Japan, Oceania and ancient America have also been added to our program.
The first breakthrough on the international art market was an exhibition, up to that point unique in central Europe, which presented over 200 netsuke and inro of the highest quality. Netsuke are small carved figures from Japan, made from wood or ivory, which were originally worn on one’s belt as clasps for various objects. Important masters, mostly sculptors, had transitioned to producing netsuke, because their growing popularity meant one could make a better living from them. Thus, in the 18th and 19th centuries, great masters were active producing netsuke, sometimes creating miniature works of impressive artistic quality. The netsuke symposia which we organized, the Vienna Netsuke Symposium, or VNS for short, took place from 1984 to 1993 and attracted attention worldwide. Collectors and experts from many countries met in late spring in Vienna. Every two years, the Zacke Gallery organized visits with the symposium’s participants to the large Asian art museums in Eastern Europe, which still lay behind the so-called “Iron Curtain” at the time. These trips went to Budapest, Prague, Krakow and, as the grand finale, St. Petersbug, then still Leningrad. It was for our VNS that the amazing Hermitage exhibited its considerably large and up to that point largely unknown netsuke collection for the first time.
THE ART OF THE SAMURAI SWORD is among the most exciting presentations which we have had. Starting in 1985, we held four exhibitions with publications, in which not only the excellent blades, but also the large range of sword embellishments: tsuba, fuchi, kashira, menuki etc. could be seen. Almost all of these exhibitions were sold out and some of the best blades brought in top prices of up to 200,000 USD. Historically speaking, Japanese smithing achieved a peak unique in the world – the perfect purity and aesthetics of the blades as well as the refinement of the diverse sword decorations are to be found nowhere else.
THE EARLIEST COLOR PRINTS IN THE WORLD are the famous sheets of the TEN BAMBOO HALL and the MUSTARD SEED GARDEN, as well as the so-called Kaempfer Prints, the earliest large-sheet color prints in the history of the world, named after their discoverer, the doctor Engelbert Kaempfer († 1716). Our exhibition offered these prints preserved in a first-class state. In addition, we have held exhibitions with paintings from the great Chinese, Korean and Japanese masters and, in recent years, increasingly focused on the field of ARCHAIC AND ANCIENT CHINESE JADE ART – a historical field, the very duration of which is fascinating, covering somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 years! And that with a periodically overwhelming density of production!
For our special exhibitions about specific, rare fields of tribal art, we are indebted to collectors who have spent their lives specializing in these fields. In general they were active in diplomatic services. Our publications about Bastar in India as well the once notorious Naga headhunters (east India-Myanmar) are both solitary as well as impressive documents!
AUCTIONS HAVE BEEN HELD SINCE 1997. They are, compared to the exhibitions, a world of their own. Many appreciate them immensely because of how varied the selection, offered and brought in from various sources, can be. Our first auctions still took place in Schulerstraße, the somewhat larger ones thereafter at Luegerplatz and, lastly, in the large Esterhazy Palace in Wallnerstraße, near our last location at Kohlmarkt. Beginning with our time at Kohlmarkt, our auctions were held in the Karl-Kraus-Hall of the well-known and renowned Café Griensteidl at Michaelerplatz, very near the splendid, imperial Hofburg. Since 2016, after moving to Mariahilferstraße 112 due to a pressing need for more space, the auctions once again take place at our own office.
THE COMPLETELY NEW AND LARGER ZACKE GALLERY has now been well set up and the complex move proven itself absolutely worthwhile! There is more space, both for presenting objects at our auctions, which can encompass up to more than 400 objects, as well as for our staff members, who can work far more efficiently in the new offices. With a young team under the guidance of the gallery’s founders as well as a team of experts, well-practiced over the years, the Zacke Gallery is, to a certain extent, in the process of restructuring itself as well as of discovering and applying ideas for the best possible presentation of all our offers.
WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR CUSTOMERS AND COLLECTORS for their loyalty and interest in our work. As always, we will strive to find interesting and rare pictures and pieces of art, offering informative descriptions and the best possible photos for all our art-lovers, no matter how far away they may live.
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