Exclusive Private Sale 

We extend a warm invitation to our esteemed netsuke collectors to explore a curated collection of twenty-four contemporary netsuke crafted by the Ukrainian artists Alexander Derkachenko and Vadym Pyvovar. Within this selection, you will find twenty exquisite netsuke by Alexander Derkachenko, sourced from a private collector in Austria who acquired them at Galerie Zacke and directly from the artist in the 1990s. Additionally, there are four recent works by the talented carver Vadym Pyvovar. An exclusive opportunity awaits to acquire truly exceptional contemporary netsuke crafted by these two accomplished artists.


How to Buy 

To buy an item online, you must sign in or create an account. If you wish to buy an item offline, please contact us at office@zacke.at or +43 (1) 532 04 52. All pieces are first-come, first-served. 

If you are interested in a particular lot,  please specify the lot number in the order form. 

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