Meet Per 

For the past 15 years, Per has immersed himself in the world of collectibles and Asian antiques, accruing extensive knowledge of the diverse auction market in the Nordics. Over this decade and a half, he has cultivated relationships with collectors and gained valuable experience in navigating this specialized market. His fascination with collectibles and antiques traces back to his early years, driven by a profound admiration for Asian culture. Today, his passion for Buddhist and Asian art not only fuels his personal interests but also forms an integral part of his professional endeavors. In addition to his focus on antiques, Per's involvement in the auction market extends to other domains. Previously serving as the CEO of an online auction house in Sweden specializing in the automotive and machinery sectors, he brings a broad perspective to his current pursuits.

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Benefit from our expert


Ensuring our customers receive exceptional service remains our primary focus. Per is equipped with extensive art expertise cultivated over many years, making him a fine representative for Galerie Zacke in the Scandinavian region. He provides a straightforward pathway for individuals seeking evaluations and consignments for their artworks.

- Susanne Zacke, Managing Director 


Get in touch with Per Lilja for expert valuations and appraisal of your items. Per is a native Swedish speaker fluent in English, Danish, and Norwegian.