Telephone Bidding

If you would like to participate in telephone bidding, then please fill out the form below.

Please submit the form below at least 12 hours before the auction begins. We will contact you when your bids have been confirmed. Please double-check your telephone number and the lot numbers you list on the form to make sure everything is correct. 

If your bids are accepted, then we will call you on the day of the auction, shortly before the lot you are bidding on. The bidding will commence at the starting price, as stated in the catalog. If we cannot reach you by phone during the auction, then as a courtesy we will bid on your behalf up to the estimate.


Telephone Bidding Form

You can read our Terms and Conditions here


Important Notice

At its auctions, Galerie Zacke sells consigned lots on behalf of third-party consignors. For this reason, any complaints related to purchased lots must be reported to Galerie Zacke within 6 weeks after the receipt of such lot.

Classic Telephone Bidding Form

You can continue to use our classic telephone bidding form if you prefer. Simply click the link below to download the appropriate PDF.

Classic Telephone Bidding Form