Wall of Shame

This "wall of shame" is a resource for other auction houses to warn them about non-paying bidders and fraudulent bidding behavior, which is a criminal offense in the European Union.

We manage this page to help keep the art market fair and transparent and regularly share this information with more than 180 auction houses. If you work in one of these auction houses and would like more information about these non-paying bidders, including copies of their IDs, please contact us at office@zacke.at

Click here to read more about non-payers in the art market. 

Report Potential Fraudulent Bidders

Do you work in auction house and would you like to report potential fraudulent bidding behavior? Please let us know!



Name: Anita Baohua Shen 

Email: anita.sbw@gmail.com

Default amount: €254,601

ID from: Canada   


Name: Deng Yu  

Email: 328876826@qq.com/dengyuhelan@hotmail.com

Default amount: €27,808

ID from: China


Name: Rudolphe Bonnet

Email: rod.bonnet.pro@gmail.com

Default amount: €32,232

ID from: France


Name: Christophe Farinotti 

Email: christophe.farinotti@gmail.com

Default amount: €22,752 

ID from: France


Name: Hoang Thi Ngoc Nhung 

Email: leducthien.kts@gmail.com / trangduong@galeriedutonkin.com

Gallery: Galerie du Tonkin at http://www.galeriedutonkin.com  

Default amount: €13,231.98

ID from: Vietnam