© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Catalog Numbers: CH0116-450 AK1115-365
18th – 19th cent.

Marugata tsuba with even rim and ryohitsu. The depiction is somewhat openwork and offers awabi shells with characteristic apertures arranged in a row. Each shell set towards either the visible or the obverse side. The seppadai bearing the signature AKA-O YOSHI-TSUGU (= Yoshitsugu II).

Wolfmar Zacken

From the collection of Dr. Karl Florenz (1865-1939)

Dr. Karl Florenz was a renowned scholar, university professor and considered a pioneer of German Japanese studies. He resided in Japan from 1888 until the beginning of the First World War and then continued his lectures at the Hamburg Colonial Institute, never returning to Japan again. Famed for having translated several important Japanese books including the Nihongi, Japan’s oldest official history text, he was awarded the Japanese doctor title in literature. His extensive collection was largely destroyed by air strikes in the Second World War (which he himself did not live to witness), however, most tsuba etc. survived in relatively good condition. Dr. Florenz primarily collected tsubas dating to the 18th cent. and quite evidently made an effort to explore a wide range of motifs.