© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
© Galerie Zacke
Catalog Numbers: OS1218-155 AB0319-0717 OSCA0719-046 OS0718-177 CH0218-112 AB916-051 CH0117-522 VS0617-110 OS0717-345 AK616-169
Porcelain with enamel colors
china, Qing dynasty (1644-1912), 18th century

Two famille rose plates, both with similar decorations. The colorful painting is stylistically quite delicately executed, in part with gold. Inside are peony blossoms, pomegranates, garlands, while the border presents widely spread, stylized bat wings - the symbolic meaning is luck, many children and long life. On the rim is a similar floral depiction, but additionally with finger lemon (gouyuan, "Buddha hand fruit") and other little blossoms.

Dimensions: DIAMETER 22.5 CM & 22.9 CM
Condition: Good condition, minor firing faults. On one of the plates with two hairline cracks on the glaze (one on the top and one on the bottom). The paint of the decor still well preserved.
Provenance: Swedish private collection