How to Leave Telephone Bids Online

How to Leave Telephone Bids Online

You can now register for telephone bidding on our website, no printing or scanning required! If you sign up for telephone bidding, we will call you on the day of the auction, shortly before the lot you are bidding on. We offer telephone bidding in English, German and Chinese. 

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01/02/2022     General

Follow these steps to leave a telephone bid on our website: 

1. Sign into Your Personal Zacke Account

You need to sign into or create your personal Zacke account to leave absentee bids online.

If you need help with this, please refer to this guide.

2. Finding the Telephone Bidding Form

On every lot page above the description, there is a place to leave telephone bids: 

3. Filling Out the Form 

Once you click the button, a window will pop up where you can put your phone number, alternate phone number, and leave any notes or covering bids: 

Important: The system will not let you request a telephone bid and place an absentee bid for the same lot. If you need help with this, please contact us at

When you're done, press the red button that says 'Request telephone bid'. We will reach out to you directly to confirm your bids and/or ask for more information, such as an ID or deposit. If we cannot reach you by phone during the auction, then as a courtesy we will bid on your behalf up to the estimate.

If you wish to cancel a telephone bid, please contact us at

4. Electronic Telephone Bidding Form

If you would like to leave multiple telephone bids at once, you can also fill out our electronic telephone bidding formPlease double-check your telephone number and the lot numbers you list on the form to make sure everything is correct. 

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